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August 2015

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Annual Boules Match

The annual village Boules match was held as usual in July close to Bastille Day. This year it was Sunday 19th which proved to have been an excellent choice as we were blessed with glorious sunny weather.

The pitch had been prepared since last year by driving a lot of cars over it to ensure it was uneven and where possible scattered with odd shaped gravel. The whole strategy was to level the playing field such that even skilled folk who had a vague understanding of the rules gained no advantage at all.

Stripy jumpers a la Duchess of Cambridge were much in evidence, as players relaxed in the sunshine or competed enthusiastically.

There was a generous lunch with French cheese, pate, bread and salad, washed down with fine wines from the village hall cellars.

By this time everyone was ready, and teams were organised by Derek, Stuart and Katy. To start with we all played three games where the winner was the team who first got to five points, with any doubts about whose ball was nearest to the jack being resolved by an official looking piece of string ably wielded by Stuart.

After the first three games a number of teams were eliminated and the competition moved to a knockout stage. This picture shows the finalists with the champions Ian and Kirstian from Binton and our own newcomers Mike and Heather from Whitehill who came a gallant second. So for the first time the Cup moves away from Oxhill. We look forward to retrieving it next year!!

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