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August 2015

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Oxhill's Next Generation

Recently there have been a number of Oxhill babies born and also families with young children moving into the village. 

Tysoe and Kineton have regular baby and toddler groups and although Oxhill's mini baby boom may not justify a regular group yet, we thought it would be fun to arrange a get-together for the little ones. 

Nearly forty years ago, a group of Oxhill mums set up and ran a successful play group in the Village Hall. These groups are fun for the kids and can also provide a support network for parents. If there was a demand for it, we could look at doing something similar but, to start with, let's just get together for a cup of tea and depending on numbers, I will either host or book the village hall. 
If you would be interested in coming, along, please let me know. 

Jo 680411

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