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August 2015

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WOT2Grow - Community Orchard

We are now producing soft fruit and enjoying the summer months at the orchard! The hard work of members over the winter and spring is beginning to pay off but there are still things to do. As always the weather plays a large part in what we do and as it has warmed up again the beneficial insects are coming into their own. Plenty of ladybird larva, baby earwigs and small spiders are congregating in the fruit trees and all help in the battle against aphids! We are also grateful for some good rain spells!

The bee hives have moved into the hedge which we hope will help with the bees' well being as we so badly need them in the orchard.

Tysoe School paid another visit to the orchard just before breaking up and it was lovely to see familiar faces who remembered things from previous visits. They are seeing the orchard at different stages through the year and were very excited to find ladybird larvae in the apple trees! Being able to pick and eat some soft fruit as well as cakes and squash added to a successful visit


Our annual Open Sunday Afternoon is on September 6th from 2:00 to 4:00pm.

Do come along and enjoy the orchard, along with a cream tea, and see what we are doing and how we are progressing. Cakes and preserves will be available.

If you can give just an hour of your time to help at the orchard we would be delighted to have you come along! Membership is also available and for an annual fee and a little effort you can get lots of wonderful fresh fruit in season why not try it! Contact one of us for details.

Liz Atkinson (680045), Paul Sayer (680451), Sue and Mike Sanderson (688080)

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