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October 2015

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Garden Club

At our first meeting after the summer ‘break’ we were given good advice by Lucy Hartley on ‘Gardening with Wildlife in Mind’.  Lucy’s business (and daily pleasure!) is garden design – which skill is evidenced by a harmonious variety of insect and small mammal friendly plantings and structures in the Sensory Garden at the Brandon Marsh Reserve of the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.

We, too, can provide forage and suitable habitats for wildlife that might face a dearth of same in the wider farmed environment. Lucy treated us to a picture gallery of nectar producing plants that were good for attracting insects which, in turn, provided sustenance for those higher in the food chain.  Some birds and small mammals were catered for with shrubs and trees bearing nuts and berries.

We were encouraged, some years, to let shrubs such as Berberis and Privet grow unchecked so as to provide flowers and berries that are often absent from their severely pruned counterparts.  A ‘wildlife’ garden has a reputation of being somewhat neglected and untidy.  As ably demonstrated by Lucy, with a little thought and planning we can have a garden that is aesthetically pleasing as well as being a haven for wildlife.

The next meeting of the Garden Club is, as ever, on the third Thursday of the month in October (the 15th) when guest speaker Richard Baldwin will give a talk on ‘Vegetables for the Smaller Garden’.

Douglas Nethercleft

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