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January 2016

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I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, celebrating the God who comes to live among us: he came in tricky times 2000 years ago, and comes in tricky times now.

The next Deanery event is the Deanery Synod on Tuesday, February 2nd, at 7.30pm in St. Edmund’s Church, Shipston. That date is Candlemas, when we turn away from Christmas and turn towards Easter. We are really looking forward that evening to welcoming Barbara Lang, who spent many years as a Salvation Army Officer working in South Africa – and we look forward to welcoming all who would like to meet her.

Looking further ahead, note that Easter is quite early this year (March 27th), and that Ash Wednesday is February 10th. Our Deanery Lent Services, which will revert to Tuesdays, therefore begin on Tuesday, 16th February, at 7.30 pm. This year we are spending time looking at some of the ‘hot potatoes’ of our faith….and we open with Revd Sarah Edmonds speaking (in Tysoe Church) about what it means to be a church for everyone.

As we welcome in a New Year, may we echo these words from Common Worship:

To a troubled word,
peace from Christ
To a searching world,
love from Christ.
To a waiting world,
hope from Christ.

Every blessing,  Jill

Jill Tucker.  688193 

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