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October 2016

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Vicarage Notes

Dear friends,

Retirement Beckons

While writing my last “Vicarage Notes”, I was looking ahead to the various retirement occasions, and also my final Harvest at Oxhill.

Looking back over the years, I have seen the end of an era, with the disappearance of generations who knew the villages from before the war, and of communities where everybody knew everybody else – for better or worse. It seems incredible that the entire digital revolution has happened on my watch. In 1979, when I arrived at Brailes, there were no domestic computers, no photocopiers, no answerphones, no mobiles, no satellite tv, and for some families, a walk to the phonebox to make a call. One or two still had a fear of the phone – refusing to use one even though it was in the house! A simpler life, about which I feel more nostalgic!

Thank you for making me a small part of this lovely community and for all the support given over the last 10 years. The life of the church has been the focus of my ministry – a church open to all and serving all parishioners, whether churchgoers or not, in times of sorrow and of joy. I feel privileged to have worked here.

I first visited this area on a cycle trip in 1978 from Southam. I sat in St.George’s Brailes and was inspired by its beauty and pervading sense of a living Christian faith. I was soon being offered the parish by the then Archdeacon – a 3 week long process! 3 months later I was became the young, hairy, guitar playing, motorcycle riding Vicar of Brailes. Where has the time gone?


During the vacancy, the churchwardens have a special duty to ensure the smooth running of the churches, together with the Bishop or his representative, the Area Dean, our very own Jill Tucker. They are the sequestrators. However, what is essential is that the PCCs, who are the main decision makers in the parishes, and all involved in the ongoing life of the church, share the different responsibilities. As ever, it’s all about good teamwork, so please offer to help in whatever way you can.


During the vacancy period, Oxhill will continue to enjoy the presence of Martin and Jill - may I thank them for their continuing ministries.

Best wishes and God bless, 

Nicholas Morgan
revnjm @ gmail.com (new address!)

Thank you Nicholas for your warmth, kindness, generosity and easy smile - you have been a wonderful role model of Christian love and spirit. On a personal note, it was a joy having you preside over our wedding. May your retirement be full of joy, fun and good cheer. - Vanessa (editor).

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