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September 2009

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Harvest 2009

We look forward to celebrating the Harvest at the end of this month and there’s a warm welcome to the special service. This will be followed as usual  by coffee and then the auction of produce.

Thought for the month

An old French legend describes two angels sent from place to place to collect prayers.  They visited the rich and the poor, the young and the old, in homes, fields and churches.  At length they returned to heaven, one with a heavy basket of prayers and the other travelling light.  “What have you got in such a heavy basket?” asked the second angel.  “Oh, I was sent to collect the prayers of all the folk who said ‘I want’ or ‘please give me’ – what about you?”  The other angel replied rather sadly, “I was sent to collect the thanks of all those who had been blessed, but see how few have remembered”.   A good story for Harvest “Thanksgiving”!

God bless,

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