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August 2010

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Letter to the Editor


I donít know about you but I have always struggled with my mobile phone signal in the village.  When working at home it is especially frustrating when I forget to set full divert on my mobile.

However the problem is solved.  I have recently switched to Vodafone (which has no signal at my house) and I have been provided with something called SureSignal which is a small box which plugs into my wireless internet router and provides me with a full 3G mobile phone signal.

The product is only available on Vodafone, only works with Vodafone 3G enabled SIM cards (which need to be individually paired with the SureSignal box), only works with a broadband router, costs £50, and is pretty tricky to set up Ė but patience and the Vodafone online forum does the trick.

Working at home today; so back to the lawnmower!

Good luck, Paul Roebuck

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