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June 2011

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Ten Days that Shook the Kitchen

"Ten Days .. that shook the kitchen!" charts ten days in the life of Ruth Rich,  a middle-aged, misfit, modern mum.  With an embarrassing husband and three whingeing kids,  Ruth's days are filled with the activities that are immediately familiar to mothers everywhere:  children's swimming lessons, run-ins with the school secretary, parents` evenings, visits from the in-laws and an unforgettable visit to a public lavatory.

The bane of Ruth's life is her 34DD cupped friend, Timmy's Mum.  Ruth's role in the relationship is to make Timmy's Mum feel better about herself.  Timmy's Mum's is to make Ruth feel worse.  Things look up when Ruth prangs the car into dangerously good-looking Millie's Dad's BMW.  They meet again at the PTA event.....  Will her honour/marriage survive?

So, if you fancy an evening of light-hearted entertainment then this is the one for you!  Tickets are 15.00 each and include a Fish & Chip supper after the performance.  If you would like a ticket/s then please do let me know - Verity O'Donnell, T. 688443.  Tickets are also on sale in the Tysoe shop. 

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