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February 2003


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Airport Update

Thank you to all who signed the petitions locally which helped our local MP's campaign to put a stop to the development of a large Airport at Rugby . I know many of you have also written, and are still writing to Alistair Darling to voice your concern personally.

Since the November issue deadline passed WCC, Stratford District Council, local business leaders and politicians have all joined to reject proposals for the airport. As you are all probably aware the consultation period has now been extended until the Autumn, due to the fact that Gatwick had been left out of the equation! This extra time means that many homes and villages under threat of demolition are still left hanging in the balance. Homes cannot be sold because of Airport Blight. We are fortunate in the south of the county to be out of these areas. However, we must not lose sight of the fact that the roads will become much busier if this development occurs. The Fosse Way for example, will become much busier and faster as it leads cross country to the proposed site. Consequently we could see an increase of traffic through our own village as motorists search a way around the extra congestion.

If anyone would like the address to write to Alistair Darling please contact me.

Gill Roache 680309

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