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February 2003


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In this final edition of The Oxhill News under my editorship I would like to share a few thoughts and aspirations with our readers. 

The first is depicted pictorially by this month's cover reproduction - a painting by Agnes Gardner King, entitled Spring Decorations; and in words, by Edward Shillito's poem. They relate in turn to the beauty of God's creation exemplified by His love in the crucified and risen Christ, not only the hope of all the world but of everyone who is searching for stability in daily life and seeks truth. This is not intended to be a theological comment, still less an homily, but a reassurance to both the Christian and the non-Christian alike that in the midst of change and uncertainty there is an unchanging Divinity who assures us of the fullness of joy in living. There is a wonderful hymn written by a former Poet Laureate Robert Bridges, "A11 my hope on God is founded; he doth still my trust renew. " I, for one, know this to be absolutely true. .

The second is to do with happy and fruitful relationships in all spheres of life. Dissent, confrontation, aggression and violence has become so much the pattern of behaviour, embracing international affairs, national and political issues, community concerns and domestic matters. The first 'Thought' for February is intended to illustrate a better way forward in every conceivable situation. What was true for Gilbert in 1889 is of no less consequence today.

The third says something about the ambience of Oxhill in which village we are all privileged to live; and for which I have reason to be thankful, not least in the concern that one encounters amongst good neighbours.

Looking back over the last 59 issues of the News, two major themes have been pursued from time to time; one to do with the speed of traffic through the village, and the other about political issues which (in my view) pose a threat to peace, liberty, livelihood and the way of life in the rural communities, Oxhill included. I have made reference to these two themes elsewhere in this edition.

I pay tribute to and thank all the editorial "staff' whose help, in turn, has been invaluable:- Debbie, Sophie, Neil & Angela.

"Thank you."

Welcome to George Adams who is taking on the Editorship of "The Oxhill News."  I wish him well, sure that our splendid monthly Newsletter will continue to inform and enlighten our village.


Copy for the March edition should be given to Mr. George Adams at "Karibu", Main Street, tel: 680286 by Monday, 24th February please.

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