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Gardens Open Children's Competition

We have been asked to publish the official ('right' is always a slightly dodgy word to use in events like this) answers to the "Discover the Village" competition, to slake the curiosity of those who got stuck.

How many Post Boxes are there? - 3 - Outside the Old Rector y, the Old Post Office, and Binswood.

How many "No Through Road" signs are there? - 4 - Church Lane , Gilkes Lane , Rowse Lane and Manor Lane (the setter forgot about Manor Lane , but was corrected by the children).

How many cottages are there with front doors NOT facing the street? - 3 -  Southview, Homestead and Binswood.

How many thatched cottages are there? - 2 - Southview, Bilton Cottage.

What is the name of the slave girl buried in the churchyard? - Myrtilla

Who fought at the Battle of Edgehill? - Daniel Blackford (and a lot of other people of course, but we wanted Daniel).

What Saint is the Church named after? - St. Lawrence.

Who is doing the flowers on June 20th? - Mrs. McKail.

What tree has had candles on it that were never lit? - Chestnut.

Does a Welshman live here? - Ty Hapus.

Who is the King at the pump looking at? - You!

What is odd about this cottage? - Oddcot.

An exotic bird at the pub? - Peacock.

How many green doors are there in Beech Road ? - 1

Where does the Methodist Minister live? - The Manse, Kineton.

Where can you see a B.T. Bugler? - On the 'phone box.

Did Charlie Gilkes live in this lane? - Gilkes Lane .

How can you get out of Main Street without using a road? - Use the stile across the fields.

Ducks in the garden, but how many on the windowsill? - 7 - At Rachel's house.

Whatever is a horse doing on this wall? - Lying down.

Who is sitting on the lawn at "Barnside"? - A fox.

What is the tree at "The Homestead"? - An Oaktree (on the name-plaque).

38 posts standing in a row.  Where? - The Homestead .

What is the Village Hall licensed for? - Public Entertainment.

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