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January 2009

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Burns' Night in the Hall

The 250th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns will be on January 25th this year, and your committee feels that Oxhill should mark the occasion.  Unfortunately the twentyfifth is a Sunday, so we have decided to stretch a point and celebrate in advance, on Saturday 24th.  Therefore we have prevailed upon the Scottish contingent in our midst to organize festivities suitable to the event.

We are not quite sure exactly what these will be as we go to press, so full details will be distributed as soon as possible by flyers through your doors.  You can expect the festivities to start sometime between 7.30 and 8.30, and that you will not need to cook yourselves dinner that evening.  At least, not if you join us.  The ticket price will be confirmed on the flyers but will probably be 15 per reveller.  The size of the hall will limit numbers as always, so we suggest early reservation to assure admission.  Brian or Judy Badger on 688010 or Gwyn or George Adams on 680286 are the people to talk to.

George Adams

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