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January 2009

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Tysoe Marionetter Group

There are some fascinating creatures assembling in the Barn Theatre in Baldwins Lane, Tysoe’s very own Marionette Theatre.  We have gone all the way to Africa, to find a special baby elephant, the Elephant’s Child, who is forever asking questions.  He wants to know what the Crocodile has for dinner!  So the Kolokolo Bird (another strange creature who started life as a Coca Cola can) tells him to go to the banks of the Great Grey Green Greasy Limpopo River (on the border of the Republic of South Africa with Botswana) to find the Crocodile stretched out on a sand bank.  Don’t be taken in by his welcome grin, O Best Beloveds, or his accent to match!  But the first thing the Elephant’s Child sees is the Bi-coloured-Python-Rock-Snake coiled around a rock.  He talks all-proper! and wears a scarlet top hat to match!  You’ll have to come to see what happens.

But before that we have been over to Latitude 50 North, Longitude 40 West to find our Mariner, sitting alone on a raft dangling his toes in the water.  We are offering a prize of one free ticket for the first correct map reference showing this point and the name of the ocean.  Then we had to scour the Seven Seas for the hungry Whale who had swallowed everything in the whole ocean except the cunning little ‘Stute Fish!

After this we drained the wet heaving ocean to make way for the dry Howling Desert, where we find a Camel gazing at his own reflection in a cool pool of water.  But he’s lazy!  And he won’t work - not even with the World so-new-and-all!  And all he says is “Humph!”  So the kindly Djinn of All Deserts has no alternative but to “humph” him so that he can work for three whole days without eating, by living off his Humph!  Now called a hump, so as not to hurt his feelings!

Our performances of “JUST HOW” in the Spring of 2009 comprise three of Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Just So’ stories for younger children and their families, from the age of four upwards.

We are doing six performances as follows:

Saturday 28th Feb. at 2:30pm & 7:00pm
Sunday 1st Mar. at 2:30pm (special show for British Puppet & Model Theatre Guild)
Friday 13th Mar. at 7:30pm
Saturday 14th Mar. at 2:30pm & 7:00pm

This is a family show, and runs for one hour, plus an interval for drinks, so we would very much like to welcome you to a unique entertainment.  This is real theatre in miniature with magical sets, wonderful characters, lively singing and uproarious humour, as the live Story-Teller (Margot McCleary) tries to restrain two cheeky vultures from disrupting the stories!

For tickets, priced at £3:00 for Children and £5:00 for Adults contact:

Jon and Ann Beeny on Tel 01295 680 431

or Email JonandAnn@AnnBeeny.F9.co.uk; www.Warkcom.net/TysoeMarionettes

All proceeds will be donated to charity.

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