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August 2011

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Garden Party

Everyone, from across the whole Deanery, is warmly invited to attend the Rural Deanís Garden Party on the afternoon of Saturday, August 13th, at The Old House, Oxhill, between 3pm and 5pm.  We know from past experience that, should it rain, the house can accommodate an awful lot of people, so donít let the weather put you off!

If you can bring a cake, that would be lovely!  Every year people offer donations, even though we have never asked for them; this year therefore we will be inviting donations for the work of TEAR Fund, particularly in the light of the growing crisis in the horn of Africa.

Talks about the Bible, in Tredington

This year is the 400th anniversary of the King James Version of the English Bible.  To mark it, Gordon Kuhrt is to lead four sessions on the Bible, to be held in the Chancel of St. Gregoryís, Tredington, and everyone from the Deanery is invited.

Wednesday October 5th:
How was the Bible assembled?

Wednesday October 19th:
How is the Bible to be interpreted?

Wednesday November 2nd:
How is the Bible translated?

Wednesday November 16th:
How is the Bible to be used?

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