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August 2011

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Vicarage Notes

Dear friends,

St. Lawrence’s Day – August 10th

Poor St. Lawrence, with his feast day in the holiday season he’s often forgotten! However, this year we’ll be making a special effort to remember him and to celebrate the dedication of the Parish Church with a “Songs of Praise” the following Sunday August 14th. If you have a favourite hymn, let me know – but, in any case, come along to the service if you’re not on holiday and enjoy some great hymns and a celebratory toast afterwards.

Church repairs

We will have be having some general maintenance on the stonework and downpipes carried out. It will also enable a full inspection of the hidden roof gulleys to be properly inspected. I have a nasty feeling that there may be serious problems lurking there that are causing the continued upper level dampness.

Major thanks

The scarecrow weekend was a great success and, once again, huge thanks to Lilian and the “Social and Fundraising Committee” and all in Oxhill who created, helped and donated!!

Thanks also to the Warwickshire Singers for the concert on July 9th – much enjoyed by all who came.

 God bless,

Nicholas Morgan    01608 685230

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