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November 2013

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Burland Poplar Trees

The avenue of poplar trees at Burlands is due to be felled, in late November.

The felling of any tree can be an emotive subject, but there are sound reasons for removing these particular ones. Planted in the 1960s, they’ve outlived their anticipated life-span of 40 years, have now reached the dying phase and, with it, pose a danger. The recommendation to fell is supported by independent arboriculturists and the Forestry Commission, which has issued the felling licence.

Many people will be dismayed to see the avenue gone, but I would add that I’ve planted over 10,000 natural broad-leafed trees here, many of which are now becoming beneficial features in their own right. Furthermore, the number of trees felled next month will be matched in re-planting by 2016.

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