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November 2013

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Village Survey - A big Thank You

The survey forms were personally delivered to homes across Oxhill parish last month. The Oxhill Parish Plan Steering Group would like to thank everyone who has completed and handed in a survey form. 

It is not too late to submit your form, if you haven't managed to do so yet. Either hand back to the member of the group who delivered your form or, if it is easier, deliver to Sue Hunt at Eudon on Whatcote Road.

Please note that all responses are, firstly, extremely valuable to us as we progress the work of producing the Oxhill Parish Plan and, secondly, please be assured that your responses are confidential and will not be identified to you or your household within plan documents.

So what happens next? Well, the group will be analysing all the survey form responses in November and December. We will then produce a draft report and an action plan and consult villagers on the report and plan in January, and then we will present our findings to the Parish Council in February.

We will keep updating everyone as the project progresses.

Thank you again for your continuing support.

Sue Hunt

Chair, Oxhill Parish Plan Project Steering Group

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