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June 2007

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Vicarage Notes

Scarecrow Weekend

We look forward to welcoming crowds to this special annual event and my thanks go to all who have agreed to take part and, of course, Lilian Welsby and the organising team.  We’ll hope for fine weather!  The afternoon service will be a 40 minute Trinity Songs of Praise that visitors can share for just a short while if they wish.

Local Events

There’s a warm welcome to Tysoe Church Fete at The Manor on June 9th and Brailes Church Fete at Brailes Village Hall on July 7th.  The Armonico Consort is at Brailes on the 16th at 7.30 p.m. – part of the Shipston Proms.  Tickets are £10. 

Thought for the month

The year races on.  With the start of the season of Trinity green becomes the colour of the altar frontal and textiles in Church. Green is the colour of life, which is fairly obvious for anyone gazing on the fields and woodlands of this beautiful corner of Warwickshire!  Some years ago an eminent psychologist suggested that schools should have greenboards rather than blackboards as it didn’t tire the pupils’ eyes.  I can just remember greenboards but I suspect they have been replaced by “interactive whiteboards”.  However, I am still fond of a prayer from “Prayers of Life” by Michel Quoist, which concludes:

It has occurred to me Lord, that you didn’t wait so long to paint the trees and meadows green. Your research labs were efficient, and in order not to tire us, you perfected shades of green throughout creation. The finds of men consist in discovering what you have known from time immemorial. Thank you, Lord, for being the good Father who gives his children the joy of discovering by themselves the treasures of his intelligence and love. But keep us from believing that we know everything!

God bless, Nicholas Morgan    01608 685230

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