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December 2007

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Car Parkng in Beech Road

The following plea reached me recently:

Over the past few months there has been a dramatic increase in the number of cars being parked in Beech Road between the junction with Main Street opposite the pub and the junction with Back Lane.  Although most people are  parking in a thoughtful and considerate manner I am afraid that there are one or two people who are not.    I am particularly concerned about the cars which are being parked on the pavement directly outside Gateways opposite the pub.  The cars are being placed directly on the corner completely blocking the view of anyone attempting to emerge from Beech Road into Main Street.  The parked car  also completely hides any emerging car from the view of anyone coming along Main Street from the church until you are right into the road.  This is a tricky corner at the best of times but having one's view completely obliterated makes it positively dangerous from both angles.  I very nearly had a very nasty accident with a truck recently at this junction and it was all due to the fact that neither of us could see each other until it was almost too late.  Fortunately the truck was not travelling at any speed at all and knowing how fast some people travel down Main Street despite the 30 mph limit the possibility of a serious accident is very real. 

I suspect it is not an Oxhillian doing this but, just in case, please, whoever you are, do not park on the pavement outside Gateways - Thank you.  Editor

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