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December 2007

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The Old Chapel Garden

Myrtle was asked by Jill Tucker if the Garden Club would be prepared to undertake the preparation and planting of the 29' x 6' flower bed, which runs alongside the left wall of the Chapel, and she in turn invited Reg Gethin to mastermind the project (he certainly did the lion's share of the work).

Reg, Myrtle and Dot Richards met with Jill to discuss suitable shrubs (silver and blue preferred to complement the grey stone wall) for which Jill would provide ample funds.  This was followed by an "on site" résumé. Next a party sped off to spend Jill's money (very easily!) returning with Reg’s car loaded with goodies.  Several more sorties were undertaken to fill the gaps, and then the area was most professionally pegged out with numbered sticks and they were ready for planting.

On a particularly grey, cold, drizzly day Myrtle, Reg and Dot were joined by Sue Duckworth, John McKail and Kate Hardy of the Garden Club to plant up the bed. The rain dripped off their noses, hair became lankier by the minute and mud from their boots crept up their legs, but good humour prevailed and all was finished in record time.

 "Fait accompli", as the French have it, and all that was now required was to spread a load of shingle on the surface to prevent weed invasion.

Watch the Space to see it flourish!

Heather Brennan, Garden Club Secretary

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